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Northeast Home Show - Exhibitor Move-In Instructions

This is the set-up information, conditions, rules and regulations covering the Realtor Association of Southeaster Mass Northeast Home Show (NHS), Tiverton, RI you signed up for, scheduled for the weekend of Saturday and Sunday, April 27-28, 2024.


HOURS OF OPERATION - Exhibit floor hours are Saturday 12PM-7PM | Sunday 10AM-5PM.


Exhibitors set up is scheduled for Friday, 4/26/2024 from 6PM - 11PM, and Saturday 7AM to 11:30AM. Door opens to the public on Saturday at 12PM sharp. PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY.


ADMISSION - Upon you arrival do not start setting up your booth until Expo personnel has confirmed your exhibitor status and exhibit space location. Personnel will be available to guide you to your exhibit space. 


Unloading and loading access is only allowed through the service overhead door in the rear of the building. See floor plan.

Parking in the Fire Lane areas is allowed only for unloading and loading. When done, vehicles must be moved promptly.


The exhibit space comes equipped with pipe and drape booth, company name sign and waste basket. All booths structure include an 8 ft high crossbar with black drape. This bar may be used to hang signage to weigh no more than 7 pounds of evenly distributed weight.


ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT - You may bring your own tables, chairs and linens*, or you may rent it from us. Package includes a 6 ft rectangular table, 2 chairs and black linen. Cost of rental is $25 and it must be ordered and paid for by April 10, 2024 - NOTE: These items are rented prior to the event's date, we may not be able to accommodate requests for equipment at the event if it was not ordered ahead of time.

Any additional fixtures, props, signage, lighting, electrical extensions and power strips, fasteners, easels or any other equipment you may need to set up and decorate your booth, are not provided by NHS and/or the venue. Exhibitors are solely responsible to bring, unload, load, set up and breakdown their equipment, signage and fixtures. 


*All fabrics must meet the flame retardant NFPA 701 code. This also includes structures such as canopy pop-up tents.

The Fire Department will conduct an inspection on Saturday morning and may request proof of compliance.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding fire safety requirements.


COOKING DEMOS & FOOD-WARMING - No Gas-fired devices are allowed, only electric hot elements or induction units are permitted.


ARRANGEMENT OF EXHIBITS - Your displays must be contained within your assigned exhibit space and not to exceed 8 feet in heigh, unless it was previously approved by the NHS management. Any signage, fixtures or equipment exposed to public view must have finished surfaces, or covered presenting a clean finish. Exhibitors displays must be arranged in such a manner as not to block the view of other exhibitors.


EXHIBITOR CREDENTIALS - Owners, employees, or contracted personnel passes or badges will be issued by NHS on or before time of moving in, but only after full payment shall have been made for space. NHS may refuse in its sole discretion to issue passes or badges to any person whose presence NHS deems not to be in the best interest of the NHS.


INSURANCE AND LIABILITY - Serving any type of food and/or non-alcoholic beverages samples or application of products on the skin is permitted only if you are properly licensed and insured. You must assume all liability and responsibility for any allergic reactions this practice may cause.

Liability insurance of no less than $50,000 property damage and$1,000,000 personal injury naming Grand Wedding Expo, Inc. (the parent company) and Longplex/Tiverton Recreation, LLC (the venue) as additional insureds, as companies authorized to do business in Rhode Island and Massachusetts must be obtained by the Exhibitor at its own cost and expense. Exhibitor shall provide NHS with evidence of insurance before entering the exhibition premises.


Samples of alcoholic beverages or cannabis may not be offered, sold or served to the guests by any of the exhibitors for consumption in the property. All gift recipients must provide proof of being of age prior to receiving goods.


Solicitation and distribution of materials and placement of signage is not allowed outside your exhibiting area without written authorization from the Expo's management.


Be a good neighbor. Loud sound, bright flashing lights or any other practices that may disturb the normal conduct of business to others will not be tolerated.


GIFT BAGS - If you plan to include a sample, special discount offer, coupon, voucher or any other promotional printed items in the bags to be handed out to the attendees, these items should be dropped off at the registration area first thing as you arrive the day of the show. Cut-off time to provide items to be inserted in the bags is 11:00 am on 4/27/24. 


PRIZE WHEEL PROMOTION - If you wish to donate a prize to be placed on the wheel, please email us detailed information and value by April 10, 2024. Prize must have a minimum retail value of $100. This is a very popular feature in our events, and winners must go to the vendor's booths to claim their prizes.


GIFT VOUCHER - The Gift Voucher is a special feature offered by the NHS to all the attendees registered either online, at the gate or at the Prize Wheel Station. This is a great way to incentivize prospects to purchase products and services from our exhibitors. Learn more about the Gift Voucher Incentive Program HERE.


SHOW SPECIAL DEALS, DISCOUNTS AND GIVEAWAYS - Allow us to spread the word about the promos you have planned for this event. We will have a dedicated website page to list all the special deals, discounts and giveaways you may be offering to the attendees.


Dismantling and removal of goods from your exhibiting space prior to 5:00pm on Sunday, 4/28/2024 is not permitted unless the show manager announces that is permitted to do so. It is disrespectful to our guests and poses a safety issue, which violates terms and conditions of our liability insurance policy.

Following the close of the show on April 28, 2024, all equipment, fixtures, and signage belonging to the exhibitor must be removed from premises by 11PM on 4/28/24, unless other arrangements have been made with the NHS and Venue management. 


Contact me with questions or concerns and if I can assist you in any way.


Your help in promoting this event is appreciated, by posting, tagging and sharing this event's information on your social media outlets, Emails, word-of-mouth and any other form of grassroots advertising you may practice. 

Let us know if you did not receive Comp Tickets to offer to your customers, employees, suppliers, family and friends.


Thank you for choosing the Northeast Home Show and have a great event.

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