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Save money, time and stress on all types of home projects, big or small.

Attending a home show is a great way for homeowners to check out products and service providers that are relevant to their home maintenance and renovation needs. Home shows are also an essential destination for those planning on building a home. If you’re still not convinced, check out these top reasons why people attend home shows:


Exhibiting companies are bringing their A-game to stand out from their competition. Home shows are often used as platforms to launch new products or services and create buzz. Attendees are not only some of the first to know about fresh ideas, but can often score discounts and samples.


A sales tactic commonly used in all industries

is creating a sense of urgency, one way that many home show exhibitors do this is by offering “show specials”. This is usually a discount or freebie in exchange for signing up for a consultation/quote or purchasing a product. If you’re ready to buy, taking advantage of this sales tactic is a great hack to get the best bang for your buck.


There are hundreds of exhibitors at each home show, with multiple companies within each category. You can get an excellent understanding of the level of professionalism and expertise of a company from meeting their staff f

ace-to-face. This gives valuable piece-of-mind when spending significant amounts of money on renovations or other home projects.


There’s no other place with such a concentration of qualified home service professionals who are specifically there to answer your questions. This is a perfect opportunity to ask a pro about products, pricing, trends, and tips. For example, if you’re planning a deck renovation you could ask various deck builders about vinyl decking versus composite decking, warranties, cost, and the practicality of doing it yourself versus hiring someone. You will come out of the show with a budget and some top picks of installers.


Recognizable products from Andersen and Oxyclean have often been found at home shows, but there are also tons of new and upcoming products that may blow your mind. You can find anything that a homeowner could possibly need – and probably things you had no idea you needed. Remote control dishwasher? Slippers that are also mops? Indestructible glassware? Yes, please.


From regional celebrities to You Tube DIYers big names, larger shows tout some real star power. Show organizers arrange book signings, presentations, competitions, and other celebrity-studded and family-friendly attractions. Attendees can check out the show schedule to plan what day and time to show up and see the stars.


So. Many. Giveaways. From trips to products and services, there are countless draws to be entered – Better wear your lucky socks!

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